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Your Guide To Downsizing.

You’ve lived in your home for decades. It's full of timeless memories and magical moments with family and friends. How could you ever leave it?

There are many reasons for needing to downsize. It could be health-related, a financial decision, or a change in family life.

If you’re looking for help getting started with the downsizing process, or have questions about how it works, we're here to help. 

Sign the Lease

Here's why you might be needing to downsize.

Your Health.

As we age, sometimes the even the simplest of tasks might be slightly more difficult. It might be getting harder to go up the stairs or keep the grass cut.


You wish it wasn’t so difficult to get laundry out of the downstairs dryer or setting into the tub in the bathroom. It could be a case of it being tiresome to take care of too much house. 

Your Finances.

Keeping up with the costs of a larger house can be tricky, especially if your financial situation has changed. 

Downsizing to a smaller property can help reduce property tax costs, utility bills and, of course, you get to hold on to more of your cash and have a smaller mortage payment.

Your Family.

Maybe the kids have just gone off to college and you find yourself with a few more empty bedrooms. 

Changes in a family can cause serious financial strain, particularly when you're holding onto a property that might be too big. 

Working from Home

Grab our Downsizing Guide

Our team of local experts have prepared this full downsizing guide to help you through what can be a huge step in your life. 

Click the link to access it, today!

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