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Choosing the Right Bed for Short-Term Rentals

After hours of traversing around a new city, the guests of your short-term rental will be left longing for a comfortable bed and a good night’s rest. Being able to provide the right bed for short-term rentals could well solidify that all-important five-star review! Luckily for you, we’ve broken down all you need to know and consider when choosing the right bed for your short-term rental property.

How to Choose the Best Mattress Size

With the majority of short-term rental guests being grown adults, Queen and King sizes are most commonly used. If the room size will allow, it is considered best practice to have one of these two sized beds available in each bedroom with at least one nightstand. By having these amenities in place, properties will typically attract more bookings.

However, if the room available is not able to fit a Queen or a King size bed, then a Twin (bunk) or Full-sized beds are preferable for children or young adults. Utilizing a bunk bed is also a great way to accommodate two guests in a smaller room and likely attract families to the property.

Additional Considerations

For additional guest comfort, mattress toppers can be considered. These are mostly encouraged in the event that a traditional mattress is too firm and is a great way to increase guest comfort. However, there are some important things to consider before you invest in a mattress topper:

  • Memory foam toppers on memory foam beds make them too soft.

  • Mattress toppers do not make old, worn out mattresses new again. If mattresses are sinking and have lost shape, a topper will not fix the issue.

Box Springs (7 – 9 inch) or Bunkee Boards (2 – 3 inches) are great for framed beds. Depending on height of bed, you can go with either of these options.

Platform beds to not need box springs or bunkee boards.

How to Properly Care for a Mattress

To keep your mattress fresh, comfortable and ready for each guest, be sure to rotate (not flip) the mattresses every 6 months. This will ensure a consistent level of support and a reduced risk of sagging.

Additionally, consider purchasing in a waterproof & bed bug proofed zippered mattress protector to protect your investment. Upon reflection, Zip-around protectors are best to ensure that the protector does not come off during the changing of beds.

Looking for the Expert Choice?

As a heavily reviewed option and by Amazon and our own guests, we recommend the Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress. Here’s why:

  • Extremely reasonable price and very comfortable

  • Comes in all standard sizes: twin, full, queen, and king

  • Bed in a Box! Arrives tightly rolled in plastic – Easy to haul around and ships straight to you

  • Not too soft or too firm

  • Fits to each body providing the best night’s sleep

  • Best investment for rental properties

  • For mattresses that are slept on every night, longevity is usually 5 – 8 years

Sleeping Additional Guests

Depending on your available space and your goals as a short-term rental host, you may wish to explore the option of sleeping a few more guests. This can be achieved by investing in an air mattress or a sofa sleeper and are convenient options for guests who are looking to add to an additional group. This can be a great way to diversify your property and appeal to larger groups of potential guests.

Despite this flexible option, it is important to communicate the policy of additional guests and ensure that protocol is followed, as well as having accurate property descriptions/images that describe the nature of the additional sleeping option.

With plenty to consider when it comes to sleeping your guests, this is definitely a topic of hosting that should not be lightly overlooked. After taking these additional steps and making careful considerations for guests, hosts will increase their likelihood of receiving fantastic reviews, referrals and possibility of returning guests in the future.

Is this all too much to consider? Talk to us today about fully managing your short term rental.


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