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Fall Travel Demand For Short Term Rentals

Why is fall travel demand high for short term rentals?

Fall is a great time for travel. And short-term rental search demand shows this. The weather is starting to cool, kids are on fall break from school, and the foliage is starting to change colors in may parts of the country. This is when Americans grab their pumpkin spice lattes and sit down at their laptops to start searching for a destination where they can get away.

Fall Travel Trends

Fall travel trends usually include more rural destinations that are within a 6 hour drive. Continuing fear of COVID-19 keep majority of Americans travel plans restricted to the US, as many believe international travel can increase the likelihood of COVID-19 exposure. For similar reasons, short term rental properties continue to be popular to overnight travelers. Renting an entire house or an apartment can help reduce the risk of COVID exposure as there re fewer people to interact with than in a traditional hotel setting.

Popular Fall Destinations For Short Term Rental

According to HomeToGo these are the Top Rural Destinations for short-term rentals for Fall 2021, based on search volume from short-term rental listing sites.

Brown County, Indiana tops the list with a 600% year-over-year increase in search demand from 2020. This may seem like an unlikely frontrunner, but Brown County is known for it's small town vibe, charming stores, and colorful fall foliage.

If you decide to travel to Brown County this fall, here are the Top 15 things to do and see in Brown County, according to Travel Lens.

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