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DSCR Score Calculator

Determine the strength of your investment.

Welcome to our Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) calculator, your trusted tool for assessing the viability of your real estate investments. With this user-friendly calculator, you can gauge the strength of your investment by following a few simple steps.

First, input your purchase price to initiate the calculation process. Next, determine your loan amount, typically 80% of the purchase price. Then, use the mortgage calculator and interest rate chart below to calculate your monthly principal and interest payment (P&I). Then, add the expected annual rent collected. Finally, enter your expenses, including property management costs (10% = .10). 

How did you do?

100 = Break Even
More than 100 = Profit
Less than 100 = Loss

Most DSCR loan providers would like a DSCR score of 125 or higher, or 125% NOI, to the total debt servicing. 

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