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Justin and Jonathan are unparalleled experts in the realm of Short Term Rentals (STR) for several compelling reasons

Extensive Experience


Jonathan Klunk's background as an experienced real estate agent in Louisville provides him with a profound understanding of the real estate market, which is crucial when dealing with short-term rentals. He has navigated the complexities of property transactions and knows how to identify the right investment opportunities. In addition, his co-founding role at Key Source Properties showcases his dedication to mastering the STR industry.

Justin and Jonathan are the best in the business of Short Term Rentals due to their extensive experience, comprehensive expertise, strategic insights, problem-solving abilities, and skill in positioning properties for success. Their commitment to excellence makes them the go-to experts for anyone looking to excel in the STR industry.


Justin Reid

Looking for Design, Consulting or Management Services? 


Jonathan Klunk

Looking to Buy or Sell a Short Term Rental? 

Looking for a place to stay in Louisville?

We are a locally owned and operated Louisville short-term rental management company at the forefront of Louisville tourism. Imagine renting a home in Cherokee Park, a Victorian house in Old Louisville, or stepping out into the heart of NULU. Boasting over 20 unique properties that go beyond standard hotel amenities at more affordable rates, our properties and experiences encourage you to ‘stay like a local.’

Get our short term rental
zoning guide, here.

Louisville's short-term rental laws and regulations can be difficult to navigate. Eliminate the complexity with our Louisville short-term rental zoning guide. From permits and registration to fees and more...this guide is a must have for any new and aspiring short term rental owners in Louisville.

What Clients Say

Loved by Guests

“By far the BEST Airbnb I’ve stayed in yet! Every detail was thought of, the apartment was completely gorgeous and so comfortable! Communication was excellent, and I loved that check-in and check-out was so easy!”


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